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Caught in the Wake of Apple’s Press Events (via TheAppleBlog)


Caught in the Wake of Apple's Press Events After each Apple (s aapl) press event, there is a visible track of turbulence online, in the technology market and on Wall Street that some cannot help but get caught within. There is no denying that when Apple decides to head in a particular direction, it will lead. And all that is left for the rest of us to decide is whether or not we will follow or get out-of-the-way. When you continually take such wide strides in innovation, intentional or un … Read More

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Day trip to Mount Cook / Aoraki (via the Travelled)

I would love to visit.

Day trip to Mount Cook / Aoraki On the last leg of our 4 day road trip (escaping Akaroa) we met a giant…the tallest mountain in Australasia!  In fact, Mt. Cook (3750 m)  is so big we couldn't even see the summit b/c it was completely covered by an isolated storm (Aoraki [the Māori name] means "cloud piercer") .  Apparently the thing is tricky to climb too– … Read More

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Full Moon Party (via the Travelled)

I like this!

Ticked off the Full Moon Party off the world party list the other night.  This beast has got an international reputation for craziness.  The party happens every month on the full moon so it's a must do for any trip to Thailand. Met up with our Wales friends for the event which was on Ko Pha Ngan an island off the East Coast of Southern Thailand.  The party kicked off at about 9 pm and kept alive until we left at 6 am when the sun rose … Read More

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